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baidehi bose


September 18, 2010

Durga puja is one of the most popular festival in India. On this occasion people worship Maa Durga, the goddess of Power. This worship is held for five days namely Maha Shasthi, Maha Saptami, Maha Astami, Maha Nabami and Maha Dasami. The famous King of Ayodhya Sri Ram worshiped Maa Durga to get her blessing to win war against The demon king Ravana. It is known s 'Akal Bodhan'.From there people has started worshiping Maa Durga, it is generally held either on the month September or October. People, All India, specially, Kolkata, Tripura, Orissa, Delhi celebrate this puja with full of joy. People gather together to enjoy, to visits, idols of Maa Durga, pandels, eat street food, also go to restaurants. They also prepare many new dishes on this special occasion. The whole city decorated by lights, flowers. People on the roads to visit pandels. TV channels and puja authirities organize many contests with attractive prizes for entertainment. Special transport vehicles are launched for easy communication. People enjoy these days with full to its extent and forget all about their worries, tensions. On the fifth day that is Maha Dasami, this festival ends with the immersion of Maa Durga idols by sayying " asche bochor abar hobe, bochor bochor puja hobe (means, next year this worship will again happen and year by year Maa durga will be worshiped).

 Durga Puja Wishes, Cards, Orkut Scraps

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11:21 PM Oct 10 2010



Durga Puja Greetings and Ecards

Happy Durga Puja

06:11 AM Sep 18 2010


i like indian dresses , colors , dances , n their spicy n sweet foods :)