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May 16, 2014

Just found 2 blog pages offering free podcasts for English learners:



They're great for practising listening and speaking skills.

Listening: use Luke's English podcasts, play the file on a mobile phone/mp3 player/ipod when commuting, doing housework, walking on a park, running for exercise or working out or whatever. Some podcasts have transcripts. Ideal for people who like British accent. Me, I particularly like the episodes on comedy actors with lots of slangs and idioms and challenging stuff.

Speaking: Anna's a cup of english podcasts. Recordings are at slow pace, rather simple and have full transcript, with grammatical and lexical points. Play the file, then read along with the speaker. Great for practising speaking and pronunciation. Anna is a Briton who emigrated to the U.S. She broadcasts very often but it seems her podcasts are not very well-known though very useful.

Check it out if you are interested.