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February 10, 2008

Frowntoday is cloudy! And I feel lonely.I'm not good at communicating with people.Although I really try to talk to my classmates,I still fine it hard to make good friends with themCry.

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03:11 AM Feb 11 2008


Saudi Arabia

hay there.. how r u.. this iz zack

i wish i can help you.or i may help you.

am a good listener.

just don't give-up..

07:33 PM Feb 10 2008



well, im sorry to hear that.

i though that you had a nice chinese new year. i cannot do anything to soothe your trouble mind, i just only can encourage you. why dont you talk to your mom?

i usually talk to my mom when there is no one i can trust anymore, she is the one that never gonna betray or leave you.

i believe you'll find your true friend by and by. ^-^