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December 28, 2008

new year is comming.i will be 25 old ,but now i have no boyfriend,yes,some one like me ,but i like other one who dont love me.and my parents care for me.so who can help ? how can i find a good boyfriend who can love me long long time.

02:55 AM Aug 29 2011

Saenger D

Saenger D

I guess, that is a big probem in

some of my friends have the same problem.China have so many citizen, but, to find "the right one"  is soooo hard.

Hope, you are doing fine

good luck to you


December 8, 2008

  about two weeks from now,college students will begin to enjoy their long summer holidays,many are looking for odd jobs, of which tutoring is almost the most popular one.

   these students say, by doing par-time jobs such as being tutors.they can not only make some money for next term's tuition.but also enrich their holidays,they prefer to be tubors because this has more to do with what they have learned in class and is a good test on their grasp of knowledge .in a way it can urge them to be strcter with themselves in their own study.

November 24, 2008

I received a call from the nursing home. Grandpa was failing rapidly. I should come. There was nothing to do but hold his hand. "I love you, Grandpa. Thank you for always being there for me." Memories...memories...six days a week, Grandpa in that old blue shirt caring for those cattle...on hot summer days plowing the soil, planting the corn and beans and harvesting them in the fall...always working from dawn to dusk. Survival demanded work, work, work. But on Sundays he put on his gray suit and hat. Grandma wore her wine-colored dress and ivory beads, and they went to church. Grandpa and Grandma were quiet, peaceful, unemotional people. The nurse apologized for having to ask me so soon to remove Grandpa's things from the room. It would not take long. There wasn't much. Then I found it in the top drawer of his nightstand. It looked like a very old handmade valentine. What must have been red paper at one time was a streaked faded pink. A piece of white paper had been glued to the center of the heart. On it, penned in Grandma's handwriting, were these words: TO LEE FROM HARRIET With All My Love, February 14, 1895



Are you alive? Real? Or are you the most beautiful dream that I have had in years? Are you an angel—or a figment of my imagination? Someone I fabricated to fill the void? To soothe the pain? Where did you find the time to listen? How could you understand? You made me laugh when my heart was crying. You took me dancing when I couldn't take a step. You helped me set new goals when I was dying. You showed me dew drops and I had diamonds. You brought me wildflowers and I had orchids. You sang to me and angelic choirs burst forth in song. You held my hand and my whole being loved you. You gave me a ring and I belonged to you. I belonged to you and I have experienced all. Tears streamed down my cheeks as I read the words. I pictured the old couple I had always known. It's difficult to imagine your grandparents in any other role than that. What I read was so beautiful and sacred. Grandpa had kept it all those years. Now it is framed on my dresser, a treasured part of family history