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June 23, 2009

what the baggers want?

money or food?

I saw a bagger keeled down on a over-cross bridge with a big plastic bowl

He looked hungry and dirty

I took a cake form my bag which is my dinner

I gave him it  and thought he must be very happy

on the contrary

he threw it away




I pick it up

put back into my bag

am I wrong?

I don't mean anything

I just try to help him

the cake was brought by money

it's money, too......




what can I do when I meet the other baggers












08:16 AM Jul 22 2009

hsuan chang

That is so called "professional beggars"

Next time you may have the chance to see a well-off man shopping at a department store at night but begging for money during the daytime.

10:32 AM Jun 23 2009



i don't know how to comment on the begger,but i think what you did is right,kind-hearted people always are right,just sometimes others can't not understand your goodness.That is my opinon.And just throw away the things and frustration,belive you are right.

June 10, 2008

     why everyone mummer when they are working? if it is not the job you like, why just quit it and to seek ur own job.

     now i am doing my part-time job, the secraetary next to my desk have being mummering all the morning.

     I konw she is very hard, and me too. I could not say anything because i just a small worker in the office. 

     many hours later, I couldn't stand but ask her why you don't change your job. She said every job is the same.

      No, every job is different. you have to choose the job which is most fit to you.

       what job is fit to me? I don't know either.  I know i like ot travel and eat. Have job like this????


07:43 PM Mar 16 2009


 what  job is fit to me? I dont know either.I like to travel and eat ....

whatever we to do,we have to make money for life

that's so truth sentance of my thintk

i have the same situation with you now....haha



08:51 PM Jun 15 2008



  I have the same trouble with you.even I don't know what i can do after my school.How to do it? I have been losen myself.

June 8, 2008

this is my frist time to use this web. I try to make friend with someone, but onbady want to take notice of me. ha ha...

I am a Taiwanese girl. I'm studying unervisity now. if you  also like to make friden, I can talk with you.