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October 20, 2007

There are several ways to learn English such as watching TV, reading books or newspapers, writing diary daily, and making a friend who is a native speaker. Everything is important to improve English skill but I think that the best way to learn English is to think in English always. I use to speak my own language when I am at home with my family because speaking Korean is more comfortable than English for not only me but also them. However, it makes me forget English I learned before little by little. Native speakers are born here so they speak English all the time and always think in English. That is why they speak English very well and it is undeniably true that native speakers are better than foreign people in speaking and thinking in English. Can non-native speakers think in English 24 hours a day? It seems hard but we have to try!

Written by Wooram Lee

05:41 AM Dec 22 2007


i think you said right,but we are to be used thinking in our native language,it is very difficulit to think in english.we can use many ways to learn english,no matter which way we choose,we must be to take seriously,and we can be good at english.

11:04 PM Oct 21 2007


I think you are soooo right!

It was nice to meet you.

PD: Like I said I visited your blog. Bye.

                            Pao Smile from Argentina.

12:23 AM Oct 21 2007

Sri Lanka


ya u are right.

shan from sri lanka


11:30 PM Oct 20 2007



a basic and good method

11:28 PM Oct 20 2007


I agree that you said.

Thanks you for your advice.

I will try to do as that