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March 3, 2008

heloo dear buddies i have a questin what is abrivation of LOVE? i have answer but i want to know your opinions. i will be wait have a nice day.

08:30 AM May 04 2008


Syrian Arab Republic

love is an action ,not just an adjective of feelings.. Wink

March 1, 2008

heloo dear buddies,

i wanna to teach the english language if any body intrested , so dont worry and feel free to contact with me i will be help u as soon as possible.

March 1, 2008

helloo dear brothers and sisters aslamalikum

My name is toheed and i m a english school teacher .i would like to tell the other peoples about islam and its features , so if want to know about islam ,dont hesitate and ask me i will be feel more happy.


01:58 AM Mar 01 2008

so innocent
Saudi Arabia

thank u for offers

im sure someone out there will appriciate it

im there too if  u need any help we have millions of websites concerning questios abouy islam

may Allah bless u

01:48 AM Mar 01 2008



wa alaykom assalam wa rahmatou allahi taala wa barakatouh,

i'm muslim too so i know many things about Islam but not everything, if one day i need help it will be in english, i mean my english is not very good so i can't talk about islam in english, so thanks for your help.