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October 26, 2007

hi my dears from all around the world . iwanna to ask u some thing abt valentinesday.

we should clebrate it onle one day in the whol year or our every day shld be valentinezday.

waitng reply


07:03 AM Nov 22 2007

Czech Republic

We dont have official Valentines day in Czech Rep., but now its growing up here, but the official day of love is 1stMay when the old tradition says, that you should kiss your lover under flowery cherry tree or your love will die.

Anyway I think that you can show your love to your darling every day if you really love her/him :)

October 18, 2007

Human is created by one GOD and GOD also said the creature of humen GOD said that i hav  created Humen and gaint for only his worship. so we should first keep our duty to allah then we will go to the other side. thax

and i have need good relation from all our the world.


10:31 AM Oct 18 2007




October 15, 2007

i hope that every body will be fine and enjoying his/her beautiful life . so i want to ask u what is th purpose of life of a human. can u help me for this query iwll be wait .

u can send me ur commnts on this address.


10:17 AM Oct 17 2007

Russian Federation

The purpose of My life is to have real family and be loved by my husband and my children. My life is my family.