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November 17, 2008

 feeling a little boring these days! just don't want to do everything. before i got the job offer, i have to study all kinds of professional technology to prepare for the exams and the interviews. everyday, it is busy! and sometimes ,i felt very tired and hoped to know when those days could end! now, the job has confirmed, i don't have to rush about it any more, i find i become a little lasy, just don't want to do everything. feeling boring! in my heart , i know ,these are lots of things that i have to do, but i don't know why i just don't want to think about them, it is so boring!

        maybe another reason that makes me feeling sad is my mobile phone. it is sad to say that my mobile phone was stolen by the thief on my way to the interview a few days ago. i was very surprised just then. and during the whole interview , i was in a very low spirit.it is not a long time since i bought the phone, so it is a very new one. i have never thought that it would be stolen someday.during the past few days , i always thought about it suddenly and felt very sad!

     the mobile phone has gone, and at the same time, all my contact numbers have passed away too ! when there is a call to me, i just could not find out who was calling  to me. i could not see the name of caller on the screen of the phone! that made me very sad really!

    everything can be fine, right? i hope so! keep my chin up! it is a lovely day,fighting!

March 4, 2008

Today,when i am surfing on the net ,i remembered this website suddenly.then i just entered !it was so interesting ,just this moment ,i found that ,in fact ,i have  my own english baby blog and i wrote only one artical about myself. it is terrible! i know i am a girl who don't like write things.but it just so long a time .maybe i must try to change!

  In the morning when i got up ,i just looked out through the window,surprised to find it was  cloudy! not a good day! i like the sun. i hope it is sunny today,so i can go to climb the YueLu mountain with my friends this afternoon .Bad weather, bad mood !

January 6, 2008

 Today ,i found this place unexpectedly and saw many interesting things which other people wrote.i am a simple girl who do not like writing things very much,but from here ,i have a desire to write something suddenly.and it is also a good way to improve my English ,lol,glad to come here and hope all of us can be friends ,haha