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October 4, 2012

WTF? Wtf is with this world? I totally can’t understand people. Why? Can you tell me why people are so jealous? Why are they jealous when other person is happy? I really can’t understand. How cruel can be if we are jealous of love.  Yesterday I had a very unpleasant experience, about  ten people asked me “how’s your relationship?”, you  probably say: “and what?” . Just a second, next question was “are you STILL together?” the word STILL was very, very stressed.  And believe me it wasn’t nice. I don’t know how our relationship will be but who knows? I feel that everyone is waiting WHEN we break up. Really, it’s sad.  Person which I think was my friend told me “you are crazy if you are with him” but REALLY? Really I can’t try? We can’t try? We have only one life and if I don’t try I probably will regret in the future and say to myself “if I do this….If I do this..” HEY! I don’t say in this because I take a risk and try. I have nothing to lose, completely nothing. I’m with him because I like him, I like spending time with him, I feel myself and I know that I needn’t pretend being someone else. We have plenty of similar opinion, we can talk about thousand issues. We never boring when we are together. Silent with him isn’t boring, it’s really beautiful. In this moment I’m happy. It’s true – I’m happy. I don’t need nothing more.  I don’t care how long we will be together, I enjoy this moment! I know that I wouldn’t regret that I met him. We spent amazing moment together.  This is important.  I can’t say that it’s fun for me because I think seriously about him I’m not kid and I know what I expect from relationship but I don’t want think how long we will be. But from the other side I’m afraid about thinking of future..I don’t want to have a big plan, just simply take what life bring to me.  No one aware me before something wrong.  If life want to hurt me I take it. No one can tell me what I should do. It’s my life and if I want to something everyone should be sure that I do it. I don't care opinion people who don't know me. 

September 29, 2012

Hello! I hadn't written long time because in my life took place so many episodes! Well. everything is great now! I'm totally free from my past. Now I live only present moment and I care about my future! Nothing more is important, I met amazing person, I have no idea how he mixed in my life but I feel...he is special.. He is totally different from other guys. He is awesome.. So many things link us. Thanks to him my life is really excited! All the time he has an idea, all my weekends are full of things to do! Never boredom! With him I feel I can do...everyting. This is so nice feeling, so warm and so amazing. I trust him and now I feel that was good choice. I don't know what happend for two weeks, month, year..but I don't care! The most important is THIS MOMENT. Nothing more. 'Seize the day' - such a beautiful sentence! My favourite because everyone should take from life how much they can. Because life is life, not all the time is good and easy sometimes is bad and very hard. But if we remember good things we can be happy always.

Today is my first day in a dormitory. Stressful but my new life has began... :)


August 19, 2012

Sometimes I haven't got an idea how I can help people. Well you know that feeling when your friends are waiting for advice but you can't help them. Because on the one hand is one friend and on the other hand is second friend. It's hard.. I't's unfair.. I fell like bird in a birdcage. 

12:19 PM Aug 20 2012

Dr. Someone
Saudi Arabia

Hi ..

Sometimes when I want to help one of my friends and I can't, because I don't know how. I ask someone who I trust (100%) to help me in helping my friend ..

Or if I didn't find anyone to ask him for help, I continue thinking about how can I help ..Because I'm sure there's a solution.

Sometimes you can't help your friend but being beside him/her means a lot for him/her.

Wish you can help your friends always.

Good luck