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~~believe in beautiful dreams~~

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August 6, 2012

Hello everyone! My name is Paula from Poland. It's my first day on this page well to tell the truth my first few minutes! ; D I would like to write on this blog about my life because I need it. Really few days ago I realized that I have many to say but I don''t want to bore my friends about my thoughts and problems. It's hard time for me. I feel that I must find myself. Well last few months were very unpleasant. I wanted freedom but now I know I only needed love, sensitivity, understanding. On this blog I want to describe my thoughts, my fears everything I need to say. Now I understand how simply thing like writing can help to clean mind. 

I have a request to you - if you read it ^^

I still have been learning English so if I make a mistake please tell me :)

I belive that constructive criticsm help me :)


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05:28 PM Aug 09 2012



Hello. How are you? I read your text, and I think that write what you feel, it's a better way to express to yourself how much you need to change something in life.

We always can say to everyone: Hey, do you have some minute for me? And sometimes appears so hard to have this kind of attention. Everything that I'm trying to say is enjoy your life, no matter how complex could be.

Kepp writing, because you express your feeling so well.

Enjoy the life, have new friends and Welcome! ;)


12:02 PM Aug 06 2012


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

welcome to ebaby :)

we are beginner and want to help together.

 nice to meet you here.

It's good that u want to write.I am agree with u in yr words.