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Comfort Zone




July 25, 2009

This is a tired week for me. i had thought that a bussiness trip would be a fun trip, but it turn out a tired experience. this week i had a bussiness trip to guangdong province for two days. i and my colleague were arranged to live in a hotel for one night. but it  is hard for me to fall asleep, i don't know why. when i come back from bussiness trip, a customer visit our company and my boss arrange me to take care of him. i guide him to visit many supplier. most of my time was spent on it. i only can do my dayly work overtime. it is really a tired week for me. and travel a lot by car is very tired.

July 5, 2009

do some exercise every day is a good way to keep your body in shape. also it is a good way for girls to lose weight.

i like sports, basketball, football and table tennis. i can feel relaxed when i playing basketball. each weekend i always get on the court and enjoy the time. it is really cool when you shot the ball or you grab a rebound. basketball is a team sport. when i pass a good ball to my teamate, then he got the score, i also feel happy. but recently, i have not played the basketball for about one month. it is a summer holiday for NBA. oh,god, it make me feel boring.

next week, i will spare my time to do some exercise, althought i am busy.

June 26, 2009

time flies, i have been graduated for one year. i have been away from my calssmate for one year. i miss them very much. hope we can gather together again soon. today i scan all the information and diary of them on their website. thanks to internet for providing a convenient platform for people to communicate with each other.

reading the diary of my calssmate, reminds me a lot of memory happened in my college. now most of them had leaved their first job for searching a more promising job. i hope they can reach their goals. although i have not leaved my first job, i am not happy in my company.but one thing will not change. it is the friendship between us. no matter where we work, we will keep in touch forever. if we all have time,we will get together.

i am more and more sure that i am a sensuous person.