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June 19, 2009

i have joined a english corner for almost four months, which is held by my director in the department in my company. all the members join this english corner are the staff in my company.  and it is held one time each week. each week has a owner who has to prepare a topic which will been discussed during the activity. the topic is not limited. i will be the owner next week, actually, this the second time to be a owner.  i am not nervous this time, that means i am more confident about my spoken english than before. i am lucky to join this english corner which give me a place to pratice my english. now i can speak englsh more freely.

June 15, 2009

for lakers' fans, today is a happy and exciting day, i am very lucky to be one among them. For kobe, today is his big day,i guss, but i think there are lots of big moment waiting for him in the future. he is always giving us big surprise and keep on doing it. i think he has set another goal for himself and will try his best to make it come true. the only thing we, lakers'  fans can do is waiting for this big moment to celebrate. cheer up lakers,cheer up kobe, i will always with you.

05:02 AM Feb 22 2017


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June 13, 2009

lakers is about to get another NBA champion. kobe is about to get another NBA ring and of course i hope he can get the MVP in NBA finals. i am a fan of laker and Kobe. so i am very happy that laker is in advantage over magic. and we only need another victory. i  can not wait laker to win the final, but also i am feeling lost that i have to wait for couple months to start the new season. NBA has became a part of my life. without it i feel i lost something important in my life. lakers is my favourite team in NBA. i will always support kobe, the superstar.