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May 15, 2009

i fall in love with english song, especailly by westlife, when i studied in university.i can sing four english songs by now. when i went to KTV, i always sing it. although i am not good at it, i really like listen english song.it can make me feel good. beside westlife, i also like lincoln park. the song leave out all the rest is really pretty. i knew this song when i watch the program total soccer on CCTV5.i recommend it to you here.

below is the songs i like, i hope you can like too.

flying without wing      do i have to cry for you

ubreakable    mandy        raise me up

the rose       fool again         leave out all the rest

if you have some orphean songs , don't hesitate to recommend to me. thanks in advance!

April 25, 2009

Yesterday, it is the third game of lakers against jazz in this play off. but i am so busy that i have not time to enjoy this match. i love lakers, but i more love Kobe. i am one of his million fans. it is so excited to watch kobe run and shot in the court. he is the best in the NBA, i think. althought james is also good, i prefer to be a fan of kobe. i think kobe play more beauterful than james. if kobe want to score, nobody can stop him,include Shane battier. the third game in Energy Solutions Arena, laker lose it, Kobe fall. in this match, kebe was not in his level, he play worse than usual. but i will still surpport him, as the coach Jackson said, everyone can not always keep in the best status. cheer up, kobe,lakers, i will be always with you.


March 14, 2009

hi everyone, i am chinese. i am here to practise my english and improve it. chatting with friends in english is a good way, i think. so do not hesitate to add me, if you come here. it is my honor to be one of your friends. thankyou!

06:49 AM Mar 23 2009


nice to meet you