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December 15, 2007

Today I 'm so tired but I'am very happy.

  because I was able to learn the most I would like to learning lesson.

  But it isn't easy to me..I hope I can learn it well in the futer ..So the best wishes to me..

December 13, 2007

   Some people smile Some people cry some people keep in silent.

  This warld isn't  Peaceful.No matter where have  many wars on the surface or portential.

  I want to be your friends but we maby fighting on the battlefield.

  If my daydream come ture I hope this world haven't contrys haven't  wars but  no matter what skin color and faces you are ,we are family,we are the best friend.



09:57 PM Dec 13 2007

United States

that's really a dream ,just a dream !here are people here maybe will have a war  future or other days!