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August 10, 2010

My favourite is English,but I have to study accounting,because my high school is a trade school.when i just in,i thought it will be very hard to me,the reason is my math is sucks!! oh my god~i just can't  imagine what would be happen.....,:(

Now,i feel not so bad anymore,it's interesting actually.But i still love English.:D haha.(this is the point)lol

and sorry about my poor grammar.....XDD

September 28, 2009

today is Teacher's Day

we gave our teacher a big big surprise~~

when she came to class

nobody in there

suddenly, we run to class from outside fastly.

she was scared


and written her the cards

she was  touched :)

September 27, 2009


my camera is break down

i can't take the pictureˊˋ

and send to fix will be expensive =口=

i don't have enough $

i am a pool student  :(


07:45 AM Aug 10 2010

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