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Syrian Arab Republic

December 24, 2010

                                  Dance with my shadow


In the awakens of a night …I walk, watch my steps trying to chase its shadow, one hide behind the other,

cursing my legs which have been making them sway like drunk crazy drunk lovers …

 with some Spanish music, they decided to see others, while they were playing hide and seek with their shadow,

 they met who made their hearts dance…they both now have a secret, they have made a mistake…

they have fallen in each other’s shadow…with the coldness making the wind heavier than ever,

 the night darker than ever…the mind has no business here anymore…

that Spanish music is just what it takes to put even the most ignored rocks in that dark dirty corner in

the mood for a crazy dance…so do my feet, searching for romance, they started to run and try to catch their new lovers,

 each other’s shadow…to whisper them some magical words about how they made them even love those stinky shoes

 because it’s the only way to get to this nightly date, in any corner..by any street..no matter where you take those feet,

they live for that date…

I watch them now, keep following their dark mysterious lovers , trying to touch them…but I control them no more..

They just follow music now..and I’m just suffering from cold…I’m begging them…please take me home..but no,

They want to end this night with a kiss….with each other’s shadow…but how?

Every time they tried , they end up getting closer to each other..

But they don’t love each other anymore…why this keep happening? They closed their eyes and finally did it..

When they looked again, they were kissing each other…it was the only way … they discovered that they

Didn’t fall in others…they just loved each other to death, they loved in the deepest way…to a level where

they even start to love anything related to the Other…even the darkest most ignored and yet important thing…

each other’s shadow.




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