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Syrian Arab Republic

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June 1, 2010

if you have the feeling of hate,then hate it.......

i mean if you have that feeling,it means  that you are able to hate,you can hate,hate is in your nature,don't worry,that only means that you are a nother mortal human,so why can't you use this ugly feeling against it.

try this,we may finally found  a way to fight it.....i say" maybe".


11:20 AM Jun 01 2010


Syrian Arab Republic

hello there,sorry for this short add,but i have an exam tomorw,so wish me luck,and

have a good time :)

May 30, 2010


There is a girl somewhere who doesn’t has a name, In that place there are no seas, no land, no blue sky,   There is no night, no moon, there is nothing shining, sun had never existed, Sunset, sunrise, are only legends, In that place there is no wind, Only cold dead breezeThere are no smiles, there are no tears The People there are strange, No one has a face Or a name, there is no difference, all are the same, in that place rain had never found a way to make his holy kiss, land is still virgin ,In that place, trees are huge, thick, dressed in the color of darkness, there is no sign for leaves, it’s a world Stink of death, that’s the only obvious smell you can recognize, forget all about roses, colors,Or seasons, there is only one color, a suspicion grey, the color of eternity, the color of a lie... There is only one season, a very sad one, dark clouds are the only event, the only show every day, and they are the limit, you can’tGo higher. Highness has no meaning here.The people there are surrounded by shadows don’t belong to theme,In fact, no one there has a shadow, vampires maybe sometime have Shadows, but not theme, those people don’t have souls, they all are Zombies, just walking around, there is no destination, no purpose, Except that girl, she’s different, she want to see, to cry, to feel, to test The pain, she want to be hurt, she want to be mortal, and to be part of the old Story of death, she wants to break out from that cold prison,Where music had never played, dancing has no meaning, they didn’t Find out why we have ears, why we have feet, or why we have voice, They don’t have all that, why a ghost should have a voice, what they need it for? No one there talk, no one sing, no one even cry, Why they should have feet? No one need to walk, everybody thereFlying quietly , they don’t fly to gather, but through each other…But why you are different,  you shouldn’t feel like that , you don’t have to worry, you don’t have to lie, you can’t be sorry, you can’t be hurt…unfortunately, that mean you can’t feel, so you can’t be happy, but how you are sad? what I can do for you my friend? No one can save you, no one can hear you, remember, you don’t have A voice, the only way to escape is to run, you don’t have feet,You have to face it, that’s your destiny, you are an angel, and thatPlace is your only home, your only prison…And dear friend, you can’t escape from heaven.


03:14 AM Jun 01 2010

baidehi bose

May 29, 2010

Like a whisper she passed

Slowly slowly she passed

Air became so heavy

I stopped breathing, I’m

Almost dead…

But I don’t care

I’m now in another place, strange place, where time has no meaning, where fairy tales are no longer Dreams, because that’s where dreams grow with the power of faith, the faith of a little boy dreams Of being able to touch the smile of monaliza, smell the forbidden roses of heaven, and maybe someday

He will visit this magical world.

That little boy was me, and now I’m him again, what a feeling, it really worth believing in, no one Can Hurt me here, I’m now untouchable, the only way to kill me is to end this moment, and drug me to The cold reality, that unfair queen who is always trying to kill these holy moments, So here she is again, sending her executioner, the time, to take me back to hell, but he was kind

Enough to hear my last wish, ironically my only wish now is his death, nothing can save me now Except this miracle, but I have to face it, I’m doomed to watch this moment came to an end,

Oh god, why we have to live by the rules of time, why can’t we control our own life, our moments,

Make it longer if we want, or pause it to make it last forever, why, and why, and another one….

While I was complaining the moment passed, I can’t smell her perfume any more, I can’t hear The wind playing her hair any more, the flair is gone, oh no I can see again, and I’m thinking, that’s mean I’m not blind any more, I’m not drunk any more, I can hear the laughter of that man, he’s properly laughing at  the way I was standing, barely standing with a wide open mouth, ouch someone stepped on my foot, and it hurts , but how I noticed all that, am I feeling again?

Oh god, she’s gone……………………………………..

08:44 AM Jun 05 2010


United Kingdom

10:10 AM May 29 2010


Viet Nam

Let bygones be bygones , u'll feel better