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October 30, 2007


Brazilian people are kind of persons that are very happy all times. The brazilians like me are peoples that like so much to talk, make friends. In other countries, Brazil is know only because your success in soccer or carnival and samba. The brazilian girls are very beautiful, because of mix that exist here. Here in Brazil we have people of all the parts of the world, because of this we have a very big mixture of races of all  types here.  That mixture originates very beautiful people. The men from Brazil are considered dared by the people of the other countries, but we liked a lot of to do friendship and to know mainly the girls. We are good people. If you want to know more about my country you can add me as your friend.


October 16, 2007

My name is Marcelo, I am a Brazilian and wants to make new friends around the world. I want to know woman from all countries, to improve my english. I am 26 years old. Nice to meet you!!! 

10:48 AM Oct 25 2007



Nice to meet you.  May be we can speak Chinese sometimes.

08:10 AM Oct 25 2007

brazilian in China

Hello my friends!!!

I am very happy for having found this site. I already got to know people of several parts of the world. if you want to know a more little of the Brazilian culture, please add me as your friend, because I will have pleasure in counting for all you a little more about my country. 
Nice to meet you. 
thank you

08:25 PM Oct 24 2007

Serbia and Montenegro

I forgot: my email adrress is jelena10yu@yahoo.com, and skype: jelena10dance


/ J. from Novi Sad, near Belgrade, in Serbia.

08:20 PM Oct 24 2007

Serbia and Montenegro

Hy, Marck!

My name is Jelena, and I am 26 years old.

I'm the first time on the site like this!

I' m from Serbia (Serbia and Montenegro - south eastern Europe). I will finish my faculty (Faculty of sport and physical education) very soon, for a few days. I work with children - organize birthday party, children's festival... like children animator... My sport is latin american and standard dances. I loves dance very much! And every physical activity. Cool

I'm going to sleep...

Good night M.

/ J.