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March 17, 2007

I've wasted time to wait for the recruit market on Mar 8 and Mar 10. No good job or mighty company. Sent 137 resume and application letter on web:www.cjob.com. 10+ interview phone call in a week, but I just went to half of them.

Gerber far east is a Hongkong company. A family corporation. They mainly deal with the daily appliance. Such as the tableware, cutlery, bathrole, porcelain, Hotel appliance, etc. The 3 issues were most attractive to me:
1, Hongkong background
2, Olympic relations
3, Fix salary.

Ms Chan, the manager of the Administration interviewed me in the first round. It's simple, and my oral English is so fluent then I passed and went into next round to talk with a vice manager of the Export department.

The airconditioner was set very cold then I who was in a short shirt shivered and even could not speak well. But the second interview was also an easy one. Nicole Huang, a thin girl with a raucous voice, just wanted to know my sales experience.

And the next afternoon I talked with the boss, a lady who is almost 60 years old but u could not find the aged winkle on her face. She is certainly a woman who had took good care of herself in past decades. Becky Fu, is an uncompromising woman and highfaluting boss. She fear the staff could not work employable, or the elite would run out when they are strong enough. She had to handle too many trifles herself and even didn't think that was a waste of her precious time. She has worked  in that industry for 40 years, and she said no one could deceive her in that business. Is she a Hongkong Carly S. Fiorina? I'm not sure her educational background at the moment, but I know what I should do in the probation is just learn and stick strictly in the regulations of her company.

I didn't sleep well in the vain days that I was unemployed. The instable, poor and dull months make me depraved. I could not make a routine life, and was addicted to the PC and Internet. This life style was unheathy and could ruin a man's life.

Now I have the opportunity to change my life. Work and rest, learn and practice. Have annoyance and also have fun. Just like when I was in Maersk, to work with so many female. The difference is I'm now not so sensitive about the inessential affairs. I will concentrate on my job and lear English, learn the process of the manufacture of porcelain or the other products, lear the export process.

More power to myself and engrave these credendum in mind:
-- Always have respect for people -- those you work for, especially those who work for you and anyone else you meet along the way.

-- Never expect things to be given to you. Life isn't a free load. Good fortune has much more personal value if you've had to work for it.

-- Let disappointments or setbacks become motivaters for self-improvement. Don't blame others for things you can't control.

-- Set the bar high for your achievement goals, but make patience one of your tools for getting there.

-- Be a good listener. No matter how much you have learned from books, friends and mentors, there's always more knowledge out there for the picking, so don't stop learning.

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