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August 13, 2007



In no certain order of their importance, here are some of those principles:

-- Always have respect for people -- those you work for, especially those who work for you and anyone else you meet along the way.

-- Never expect things to be given to you. Life isn't a free load. Good fortune has much more personal value if you've had to work for it.

-- Let disappointments or setbacks become motivaters for self-improvement. Don't blame others for things you can't control.

-- Set the bar high for your achievement goals, but make patience one of your tools for getting there.

-- Be a good listener. No matter how much you have learned from books, friends and mentors, there's always more knowledge out there for the picking, so don't stop learning.

These were the principles carried down from his mother Jeanette, to his older brother Randy and on to young Nate.

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