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August 13, 2007

You can ask for help 1, 2, 3. But never 4 or more.
1, everyone may meet some occasional accident.
2, God may kid you twice.
3, All right, his debt is too heavy.

4, Oh, my god! What's wrong with the poor guy? Why can't he live by himself and try harder and tougher to go throught the mess? That's a trash!

5, God, help this trash, he is incorrigible.

Hard stage last 8 years or maybe more. Everything is from my fanaticism to the perfection, an incapable completist. Now I eventually know the fact, know much more about the reality, the true society.

I wanted to take the responsibility too early, and I always lack for resource. When I got part of the support, I abused them and make them useless.

Glad to get 2 comments on my blog. Thanks for reading and I will try to write more about my life, my job, my thinking and some interesting or valuable message.

Life may be painful, but never give up.

I'm still confident and hopeful.

Thanks for your comment, Wish everyone have a promising future.

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