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August 16, 2007

It is busy today.

The boss came here to check the result of the Battery Test. And he pointed out many problem and assign some new tasks to the R&D department. He talked with us about the urgency and importance of the development of new products. He said we should complete 6 items this month, and we are going to occupy the low-grade market in 2 years.

I input the data of the test in the computer, and try to find a software to draw the graph. But I could not find even 1 small and convenient software to draw the curve.

We test another group of the new design again. And copy the circuit diagram from Mr. Huang.

Not so busy, actually. But it is undoubtly the busiest day since I came here.

Yesterday is the payoff day. I got 2-day salary of July 30 and 31. A small surprise, hehe. I never imagine this.

Already ring off now. It's raining outside. The raining days have lasted 10 days. Weather forecast said it will stop in this weekend. Hope it is correct.

If the boss can assign some work to me, and I have things to do every day, I could stay here till November.

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