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August 13, 2007



In no certain order of their importance, here are some of those principles:

-- Always have respect for people -- those you work for, especially those who work for you and anyone else you meet along the way.

-- Never expect things to be given to you. Life isn't a free load. Good fortune has much more personal value if you've had to work for it.

-- Let disappointments or setbacks become motivaters for self-improvement. Don't blame others for things you can't control.

-- Set the bar high for your achievement goals, but make patience one of your tools for getting there.

-- Be a good listener. No matter how much you have learned from books, friends and mentors, there's always more knowledge out there for the picking, so don't stop learning.

These were the principles carried down from his mother Jeanette, to his older brother Randy and on to young Nate.

August 13, 2007

The job is free, so I've time to write something here even in the working time.


Wise, learn things well.
Outstanding educational background.
Not bad look,
strong, good at basketball and be professional at NBA knowledge.
English competence is excellent.
Good at talking.
wide working experience, excellent performance in 500 Fortune Company.
Intersectional major, which include the engineering, science, art, education.
Eventually found the direction and the model.


Poor, Vain, coward, arrogant.
Do not have a good qualification certificate of English competence.
Uncommon major.
poor eyesight.
Hurt left hand.


Not very old.
No need to afford a family if I can't.


Heavy debt.
A little sick. Unhealthy psychology.


August 12, 2007

This is the 3rd week of my new job. And I want to leave and find my long-term job again.

But man should live first and think about the other things after you are finacially free. You could think about your interest, your love, your future, your ideal dream only when you don't need to worry about your rent, your bread, your debt and your bill of credit card.

My finalcial status was incredible horrible in the past 8 years. I tried to get rid of it but failed and make it worse and worse. Luckily I find the way to work it out and hope it is not that late and could be executed strictly.

I knew the helper from the AD in newspapers and they really could help me. Of course, the commision charge is not cheap, but I could afford it and I think it deserve that. It is a proper price if it could truly help you. It is a little late since I knew that after I miss my payback date of the credit card. And now I have left Shenzhen, I should go back to Shenzhen every month to handle these finacial matter.

I found my direction and already make my career plan. But I must solve the money problem first. There will be 1 or 2 monthes to proceed.

I'm a poor loser from a poor family. But my father and sister already could live up by themself now. I only need to feed myself.

I ever want to be a politician, a scholar, a writer. But I could and it is suitable and better for me to be is a man in a large company to plan or sale in overseas marketing area.

And I ever want to be gentle and almighty, but now I have to be strict, brave, great at speech.

I find the idol(or just a model) I should study and try to be.

I should be a man, a tough strong man. No indulge, no waste, no poor-generous.

Be simple, with few luggage, few clothes.

But how to deal with my many new clothes and shoes? Consign in these 2 years, no shopping in these 2 years.
Dress in my existing clothes and shoes. Give my useless goods to others.

I've so many books and they are my delicious mental food. And some are my self-educated textbook. They are heavy and hard to take. And the consign charge is so high that I always headache how to deal with them. I like to read the printed paper book. But my unstable work and life status and the moving days make me tired.

I want to rebuild myself till I'm satisfied and then go out to find an ideal job to start my new life. But it is hard. I need the resourse, I've them but not on hand. I should go to Luo's apartment to take my books and the winter clothes yesterday. But I didn't want to met him again in such a short time. He is so nice, but I'm ashamed to see him.

I need something sure, certain, absolute. But where are they? I'm a man, a physiological mature man. Too many interest and chances make me lost.

Only successful and powerful man is charming. I should compel myself to believe in this.

Flower is from blood, tears and sweat.

08:22 PM Aug 15 2007



Dear Spacetoon:

Tks for your words. Just go ahead, do what you like ^_^

Dear Gaia,

Who is Ma Jian? Your friend or  the famous basketball player in China?

08:18 PM Aug 15 2007



Tks for your reading and commments.

I'm looking for the way to self salvation.
I'm trying to persuade myself to believe in the return of the suffering and the effort.

When there is a will, there is a way.
I doubt everything before, what I need to do at the moment is select a faith.

11:17 AM Aug 15 2007


United Kingdom

Hi Tony,

You write like Ma Jian I think Smile

12:15 AM Aug 13 2007



That's how it is, the diffucalties in life. But, you know, I don't bother with anything, I just think of my home, playing, studying, and that's all. I don't bother thinking about jobs or such. I have to enjoy my life as much as possible before I get married where my life will begin to be a hellish one. looool Cool

Just kidding....anyway, from the look of it you seem to be a desperate man and at the same time a determined man. I will tell you one thing, defeat your worse enemy.

 By the way. I like the expression of "your delcious mental food" it is really great. Do you mind if I copy it in one of my short stories ?

08:08 PM Aug 12 2007

Linjie Soog

pray for you!

wish you can have a promising future.