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August 14, 2007

Is it internet interaction an addiction or a new way of human normal communication? What do you think about it? Think that psychologists are not agree yet!

04:44 AM Feb 28 2008



Hello Caleida.. where are you? you are missing from here since.... too much time. I'm an english apprendist. I guess internet is a nice interaction way to improve your skill of comunication. sometimes people are not true   using internet like a second world. i think that you are able to use internet you can to recive many satisfactiont from it. however, anyone shouldn't to pass much time in front of pc neglecting real life. take care dear blogger.


07:49 AM Nov 11 2007

United States

Hello Caleida, I think that is a way of communication, but that could become addictive if you use it in excess and you start replacing normal activities with it. I use instant messaging and email to communicate normally at work, but I have found that sometimes, if I don't turn it off, I am always expecting mails and do not pay attention to other activities. I guess some jobs these days are like that, but it could become addictive I think. Sometimes I am afraid of using internet too much because I think you can become isolated if you use it in excess.. Well, interesting subject you have posted, Amed