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My life




June 7, 2010

no need to type more, write more,

serveral words would work, thanks for the thing unperfect

I would never miss you so much again.

I can realize which is suitable for me

anyway, thank you, dear. you may have the totally opposite thoughts, but i am sorry, baby, hope I didn't hurt you.

June 6, 2010

I am in the new role now, begin to read the Capex and Opex policy and forcase manual, i am trying to catch and understand something before Pauline give training to me. I like preparing sth in advance.

I did prepared the Capex comparison form with some improvment than before, which tells more actual situations, but GM & the budget holders and users may not so happy for this, anyway, it helps the global group operations. I think we should provide the data which can reflect the reality. or these are nonsense.

Hope the true figure can help us find a better way to prepare & use budget. I am now confused and not appreciate for their manual inputing record, i believe Cognos can give us these report, with the automation information i can save a lot of time for analysis. It's rediculious for a analyst  taking a lot of time to go to detail paper work & basic excel work. I believe we have somewhere definite can be improved.

I hope can improve something through my effort. Work hard.

10:09 PM Jun 07 2010



Yan, thanks for visit again.

You are a very kind girl.

08:13 AM Jun 07 2010



try to prepare smt. little but very concise. density in meanng is important . :)

10:52 PM Jun 06 2010



yes ,just work hard , you can do it , dear friend ,support you all the time

May 30, 2010

What on earth cause me unhappy


I don’t know why.

I don’t know how to adjust myself

I don’t know how to make it to the end.

We had shopping yesterday I bought some bras and one dress for my baby, I got home at lunch time, you didn’t make lunch for both adults and my baby. I asked you what’s the lunch for my baby, I was shocked when I got your answer, the left-over rice and egg. How could it be?


I worry my baby’s health, she is growing up both her physical body and her intelligence.


I feel so sad……

I am unhappy…..

Although I understand it’s a hard job to take care of a little baby, once you done, you should try your best to make it perfect.


Who is to be blamed?

We must work to making earning to support the family.


The early morning of yesterday, I also made a remittance to my father-in-law, because you are asking my month-in-law go back hometown, you just need money. What a big shame! Most of the grandma and grandpa take is as a proud to take care their grandson, but you took it as a money-earning method. Forgive me to use such a word.


I was hurt. I really feel the tough life I don’t like.

There are a lot of pressure under me for the new position, after work, I don’t want to go back home. Tomorrow will be the first day for the new position, not sure the future will be bright or dark, tears are in the eye, just try to keep it inside.


A was joining the team building activity held in HK, send the message to me : how are you? Does your baby’s issue settled? I reply: it’s ok. not very bad… so simple…

Don’t show concern to me please, I am easy to enjoy it, but I won’t.

10:37 PM May 31 2010



thanks. yan. you are lovely.

02:22 AM May 31 2010



just forget the sadness, and smile , the sun still shining, not give up ,be happy ,support you