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October 25, 2009

First, a quarrel with my husband because of my babyOn Saturday evening, my husband was playing with my baby on the sofa, but he was concentrate on the TV programs, my baby fell down to the tea table corner and bumped her face. Then she cried loudly, at that time I was searching something in the website, I went back to the living room and hugged my baby to comfort her stopping crying. I asked her father where was injured, I need to massage for her.

 Her father thought I was too nervous. Then I gave suck to my baby and she stopped crying, but instead I found her face is red and became swollen, I was angry with my husband that time. I shout to him come over to see how serious for my baby and advise him to check the care method in internet soon. I used cold compress for my baby for detumescence.

Before this I asked her father if I need to do this, he appeared unhappy again and shout why are you so nervous, it’s not important, every baby will fall down during their growing up. I replied: you are thirty years old, but my baby only eight month old, her face is easy to injure. He shouted again: so you can bring her to hospital now. I was crazy for this reply and asked: do you think you are reasonable for you didn’t take a good care for our baby?

Sometimes I am thinking to be a full time mother, but now the situation is not permitted as I need to work to make an earn to support the family expenses. I hope he will come out and get better soon.  

Still have some inside information for the work allocation.

Last Friday our cost accountant Fiona left the company, we had a chatting in that afternoon, and I know some inside information. Month ago our department had a dinner with the general manager and at that dinner we got the news our senior accountant Judy will leave us soon. After dinner Judy went home by GM’s car. GM asked her if recommend a person for this position who will she propose? She suggested one person that’s me.

 But last time when the manger talked to me we were discussing the position analyst, and forward the meaning from GM that they hope to hire one whose English is quite good. During my pregnant last year, I was very busy with my work each day, for ERP training and go live, he comfort me and encourage me by an excuse—want to promote me as senior…. Now, we have the opportunity but he didn’t do it in this way.

The cashier Monica told me this morning, they are at the same office, and she always can hear the phone chatting in the room, the manager asked someone to recommend acquaintance for senior position, and most of the guys are poor at English but the manager replied: it doesn’t matter, we don’t have a high requirement for English. But when he talked to me the requirement is quite high for English.

 I am not sure what did he mean….. Anyway, I will cherish this job and work hard just to reward my current payroll, and work happily. Don’t think too much.

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View all entries from My life >

02:10 AM May 20 2010


First of all accept my heartest falicitation on new assignement. but the second is its the custom of the womens to shout on ur husbands.  They are always in struggle to create pretence and fulfill there habbit.

08:41 PM Oct 26 2009



Thank you the above two friends. I feel better after I read your comments. I know her father loves her too.

Hi,July, thanks for your kind concern. she is nearly 9 months old.

03:43 AM Oct 26 2009


Iran, Islamic Republic Of


sorry for your nice baby

Im father and have a son and I like and love my son.and I think all fathers like their children.

please dont fight together because that was an accident!

I hope your daughter become healthy

10:31 PM Oct 25 2009


Hello Candy, I'm sorry about your baby...Once I had a similar experience as yours..but there is no one can be blamed...I hope your baby is gonna get better soon...by the way, how old is your baby?

And good luck for your job or anything good that waiting for you...Laughing