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May 19, 2010

After a long time didn’t log in English baby I miss here again, I still remember last time I try to log in and the main purpose is for improving my English and write diary here day by day. After my English approved I will have more confidence to the new position Financial analyst interview. But I haven’t made the habit come ture . Fortunately, I was succeed in the twice interview.

All the things are vividly.

When I know the colleague from UK who is the interviewer named Pauline will be in our office, I got nervous. I must mention one guy, who gave me remarkable courage. Thanks, dear. As I never worked with Pauline, and she speaks English quickly, I never talk to her in the past. The guy I will name you A here, suggested me say hello to her, and try to talk with her. So I made a coffee for her, and we started our conversation talking anything. That’s a good beginning. She held several interviews for the people HR got back from Job market. And seems she is not satisfied except one candidate is good enough. and she suggest have a interview with me the next day. I had prepared sth for this, but actually I have no confidence even I’d like to give up. Guy A encouraged me to have a try.

Let me recall what questions she asked me at the first interview. 1, what’s BOM for? Can you give an example? 2, What’s KPI? Can you give an example? 3, what’s your advantages? 4, Are you confident for this position? And what are you worrying about? 5, how do your team members think about you? 6,Do you use cognos? Which report have you used there and for what purpose? For KPI question I have no answer, and for the confident I just speak frankly not having 100%. Anyway she seems a little satisfied for my answers. And confirmed my oral English is ok. Maybe because there are a few accountants can speak English especially among those candidates she met. She ended the interview with the words: thanks for applying this position and we will have a final interview this Thursday, we will let you know if you passed your fist interview tomorrow.

The ending words made me falling into nervousness again. I just tried to relax and pay no attention to the result. The day after, I got the news I will join the final interview. Guy A asked me to do some preparations, try to list some questions they are concerning and give a Chinese answer then translated to English, and recite them. I did.

The day is coming, half an hour before the interview, my manager sent me a paper, it included three graph and almost ten questions. Inventory turnover, board build per operative, scrap. I made a quick check with other managers if I wasn’t quite sure for the answer then went to the meeting room. GM joined this interview but didn’t ask me any question. This is the first time he knew my English ability. He should be satisfied with me compared with other finance members. Pauline told me she gave more time for the other candidate but my reply marked better, and I had a lot of ERP and company knowledge so she would like to give the offer to me. Actually she got some my performance from other UK finance colleagues. They helped me a lot. Thanks for all the kind people.

Pauline is going to give me some training in early July, I personally have pressure for improving my listening and speaking urgently. I must work hard & study hard.

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