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May 24, 2010

I was feeling bad in this weekend, I don’t know why I always have this feeling when I face my month-in-law, we have argument for something concerning the Child. She doesn’t like giving fruits to my baby, always returned to me as “she doesn’t like eating fruits”, but fruit is nutritious I should feed her time by time until she get used to eating it. If you don’t try, she never eat. But I tried a pear yesterday, she ate a full one.

She doesn’t like eating vegetables so didn’t give my baby vegetable too.

I do want to love her like I showed the love to my mother, but I cannot.


I hate to go back home now. everything I see is not happy…

This Sunday, he bought a laptop, I don’t know why doesn’t he ask the company pay for it? It’s for work. He told me he was eager to learn something, so need a laptop. I remember years ago we spent a lot of money bought a Toshiba computer but was stolen.


The last week for my current position, feel nervous for the new position, what will happen?

A lot of things need to be catch, especially some cost, I had no training for this, and no experience for this, but I was expected to do some analysis on this aspects. Try to find out the cost training documents but failed.


Something talked to you, it’s for working range, you smiled to me. I smiled to you.

Just a normal smile can make me happy.

A little feeling for waiting, but you didn’t show up.


The mobile phone was lost by my little baby, haven’t found it although we spend a lot of time searching it from the whole house.

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View all entries from My life >

12:58 AM May 26 2010



Hi July, thanks for your remind. I will pay attention to it. be tenderness.

10:23 PM May 24 2010


Hi.. you got a right for your baby, do what you need to do, I mean don't let your mother in-law take over... You gotta be insist about it, but remember..with tenderness.