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May 24, 2010

We had an argument yesterday for the baby issue, my mother-in-law wants to get back her hometown, I really cannot understand.

When I am imaging my baby leaving me, I cannot see her for a long time, my heart was broken, my tears never dry. She is just such a little baby, cannot speak, cannot eating by herself, cannot pee pee by herself, cannot express her feeling, how can I let her go?

I must look for a babysitter, but it’s quite hard to find a suitable one. There are so many frauds in the market.

My mother-in-law is a picky eater, I am afraid if she brings my baby back to hometown, my baby will soon become a picky eater like his father. And she cannot speak Mandarin, how does my baby go to school if she cannot understand the other children’s word, and make himself understood. She may get worried and nervous and shy to speak, and hate to speak.

If she lives with us, I can tell stories each night, and make communications to her.


If I haven’t had this baby, I would like to divorce.

After I get married, and had the baby, I really know what a big mistake I made when I was young.

But no medicine can rescue me since I had the baby, I am responsible for the little baby.

My dear baby….


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View all entries from My life >

12:55 AM May 26 2010



Hi July, thanks. A long time didn't see you. I still remember when I first come here for my first blog, you visited my place and gave me your comments.

Thanks. take care.

12:52 AM May 26 2010



sweetmary, thanks very much for your comments and understanding and suggestion. You explained very well, I couldn't agree more. Yes, I don't want to be this kind of mother to let my kid far away from my life.

yesterday i was thinking about left my baby to my sister to take care to my hometown, it's near my working place but still take me 6 hours by train to go back hometown, I just image the day i left her alone, my tears were falling down....

I will try my best to take care of my baby and give my best love to her.


05:21 AM May 25 2010



Hello ! This is complicated i think that you shouldn't let your baby go somewhere else 

you love your baby don't let it go with other person . I believe that you as his mother are

going to teach him so many things that are gonna be useful to him.I know people that

lived with some relatives instead of their own parents, and they always says that they

would always liked to lived with their parents. Don't be one of that kind of parents that let

their kids go, when they are kids what they need the most are their parents more than

anyone else.

Hope you the best! and i also hope that i made a good explanation :P hehe.Take care 

10:12 PM May 24 2010


OMG, you got such a tough situation there, for me it's kinda complicated, but the most important thing is don't let your baby go, kids gotta live with their mom. No one loves kid like mom..