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May 26, 2010

What concrete job I will handle is not clear now except just will be involved in some budget forecast issues & maybe some analysis on cost.


I soon realized the inexperience in cost, a strong willing to catch up with it in LN. I turned on the former cost accountant’s computer and try to find something informative and helpful, but failed.


I then sent an email to the guy working in the software developing company Infor, he replied me but suggest me list out the questions I must understand but now is not familiar, so he can reply me for these simple one, for those whole concepts or procedure operations he suggest we had a face to face training… UK won’t approve it. So I begged him give me a quick reply only for those small questions like offering personal help to me.


I was trying to find some English financial analyst E-books will be good for me, but it not allowed to print, and cannot check dictionary directly. It’s inconvenient.


I hope to understand more before my new position, but just don’t know how to start.

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