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April 22, 2009

Recently ,I'm busy and tired.I even don't want to write my blog.

I have met many new people and many new things .

I'm groving and  filling now, I want be a fashion and beautifull lady,so I must work hard !

I think people's life can't be wasted on sth like  always  playing   gams.we should  make our life more wonderful !

And ,all of my friends,I must say sorry to you for the late mail .If you want to contact with me ,you can sent me mail to :              


October 27, 2008

Today,I'm very happy .because I find a boyfriend in my high school.He is 1.85 tall,and he can play basketball very wonderfully!Also,he is very strong ! I love him because he  is humourous,he also make me laugh !

I like people who can make me happy ,and ,I want all my friends can be happy everyday ,too!

hey !Just do happy ,OK? 

08:22 PM Oct 27 2008

candy one


you are right !


08:14 PM Oct 27 2008



ok ~~~ let us love~~~

when  you   fall   in  love

i think we  have   more  words   about   life

October 19, 2008

I'm happy to meet you ,and I hope we can chat more often! 

I'm a happy girl ,loving smiling !I really  want to speak english 

without problems ,therefor,my dear friendsWink,I need  your ,help!

06:29 PM Oct 19 2008


I read your message and I became interested on you, I'd like to practice english with you too, I'm from Peru my name's ELISEO, I hope your message soon