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September 10, 2009

When you love a person, when the absolute love of the eight just fine. All the expectations and hopes have only Qiba Fen; the remaining 23 minutes to love herself. If you continue to love a lot more, is likely to give a heavy pressure on the other side, so that each breath completely lost the love of fun. So please remember, alcohol drunk no more than six points, eat no more than seven parts love a person eat no more than eight points. If you are confused for love, perhaps the following passage can give you some inspiration: love a person, to understand, but also to open solution; to apologize, but also thanks; to admit his fault, but also error correction; to be considerate, but also understanding. Is to accept, rather than endure; it is tolerance, not condoned; it is to support, not dominate; it is sympathy, not questioned; it is talk, not a complaint; it is memorable, not forgotten; it is communicate with each other, instead of having accountable ; it is silent pray for each other, rather than to each other a number of requirements can be romantic, but do not waste Do not hold hands, but it should not let go ~ ~ ~ ~

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