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March 3, 2009

3rd march - casiol ricky 1 year ebaby friendship!!!
sounds funny anyway, but our friendship anniversary is today!!!

i know it's late, i suppose to celebrate it at 12am yesterday, but due to heavy down-pouring rain, i just can't make it :p
guess where i am!!! my warden's gatehouse...where the mosquitoes n the barking of dogs really mess with my life :p

a few days ago, i was YM-ing with ricky(which i used to call riki)...he reminded me of today(which i never know of that date-he has a very strong memory), so i decided to make a blog for this...

i didnt believe that we r able to keep in touch n still be best virtual friend for a year...

here's rikardu cardoso :p (sorry for any mistake or spelling error)

we've met in 'english baby!' website, where we r both trying to improve our english :p i approved his friend request, n then we become friend :)

my 1st impression towards him was
1) a very religious christ-because his background page was the skillet band pictures :p

2) i dont have any idea

the first time i read his profile, it drew my attention because he's the one n only person in ebaby that wrote "i'm not here for making girlfriend or any love relationship" statement... most of the people in ebaby r quite horny (bwahahh) where they kept asking for phone no. n instant message addy...

then, we change some opinion about our purpose of ebabying are(still) to improve our english n make friends :D

then, we had lost contact for weeks... maybe because we dont have anything to say, so we prefer to stay quiet...but after that, he asked me what was happened to me since we didnt keep in touch for a long time... he really appreciate friendship...which i was very touched by that....

after that, months n months messaging, n commenting, we started to become as crazy as hell ^^... the best thing is, we only contact in ebaby, (because i dont like adding foreigners in my YM list-which he respect me for that decision)...he likes to draw ^_^ most of his other ebaby friends would definitely say that too :p

he likes to draw cartoon strip or comic story, mostly about "crazy natalie" where that girl kill all her teachers n friends with lotta killing machine :D
well, we both love to kill n talk about killing anyway :p

then, he started to ask me n other of his ebaby best friends to join photohunt : we take pictures of the theme that was given from one of us

since he started photoblogging, i can say that he's really a good photographer :p

i had also met with other portuguese n brazillians people in ebaby... they r very friendly, respect other religions n also treat me as a person :p i guess the people in there are almost like that :P

riki respect me as a muslim, he also has an interest in Islam... he started to learn arabic with the other arabians in ebaby(proud of u!!)

just log on to his blog to read about his view on Islam :D

n since i've went to college (while he's still in high school-mwhahahah), we've lost contact for months... but yet he still remember me as his friend n reminded me of the day we've met :D i hope that we can stay as a good friend n our friendship will be last 4eva :P

ohh yeah- sorry riki i took ur copyrighted photos

u can denounce me anyway :D


n also, for the other friends, do tell me when we met ^_^ so that we can celebrate the day together :p


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03:21 PM Mar 03 2009



i dont remember these pics 


thanks for the blog really much :D



365 (or 366?) days knew i'm friend of casiol (the most crazy and weirdo and watever girl ever:D


i really dont know when i met you, but i've saved so it says you and I met in 3rd march :D 

i've all saved


am a very organizated boy



btw i've nver forgotten you, so dont worry ^^

we might not keep in contact as before, but one day we will back to celebrate old times ;P

Take care and thank you again for the blog :D

also study alot , so Do i ;)