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April 13, 2009

tomorrow will be physics paper 2 n statistic exams... n i was sooo fucked up....

as i was looking for some gothic/power/symphonic metal songs, i was kinda stressed out with people yelling n screaming in my house...

but it's ok since i was listening to some songs that can counteract with the noise :D

but at the end of it it was soo irritating, n they were making a circle, sorta 'engulfed' me in the crowds of House no. 8,


happy birthday!!!

what?? a birthday song?? i thought that they were making a mistake, so i checked on my phone

yes today is 12 am april 14th..damn...

i thought that 14th will be next week!!! lame!!

maybe because i was scared of people knowing my bday, n i was hoping that God will skip the day from 13th straight to 15th :p

i dont know why i turned out to be so bday-phobic......maybe since i hate attention, n having a birthday means that u will definitely be the centre of attention (face to face wishes) even if it's just for a moment

but i do appreciate it friends!!! thnx a lot
because i had forgotten my birthday, today's wishes are one of the best moment in my lifetime ^_^

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08:48 AM Apr 14 2009



thanx ^^

lol my bday is in 2 days (my country n urs)

maybe i can celebrate it 2 times per year :D

01:13 PM Apr 13 2009


 hhahahahah your Bday is just tomorrow!(here is still 13th)

by the way




Have fun! (school starts tomorrow T_T)