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September 23, 2009

i forgot to write blog about hari raya

n i forgot to wish all my friends in ebaby happy hari raya/happy eid-ul-fitr

shame on me T_T


i donno, i dont have time ebabying :(

shame on me twice


everyday i got new friend requests, but i cannot approve them yet, since i was thinking of writing some thanks for da add comments or messages but i dont have time for that...

i just realised that ebaby had changed, which i need to get used to it first... i'm having trouble searching for the 'new entry' button to write a new blog...but luckily i manage to do it :D bwahahah

there's a lot of changes...ebaby...people in ebaby...me

i missed  the day when we all can share stuff n become friends... but i dont know, it's either end up being a no-friend between us anymore, or it's just me who kept being busy

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View all entries from CaSioL's Blog >