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September 23, 2009

i forgot to write blog about hari raya

n i forgot to wish all my friends in ebaby happy hari raya/happy eid-ul-fitr

shame on me T_T


i donno, i dont have time ebabying :(

shame on me twice


everyday i got new friend requests, but i cannot approve them yet, since i was thinking of writing some thanks for da add comments or messages but i dont have time for that...

i just realised that ebaby had changed, which i need to get used to it first... i'm having trouble searching for the 'new entry' button to write a new blog...but luckily i manage to do it :D bwahahah

there's a lot of changes...ebaby...people in ebaby...me

i missed  the day when we all can share stuff n become friends... but i dont know, it's either end up being a no-friend between us anymore, or it's just me who kept being busy

August 29, 2009

i know that it's been 8 days of fasting already to wish this :D

but since i am very busy studying, i only have limited time to online...

i didnt get good result in my previous AS exam (i mean the worst in the history of my lifetime)...so i have to resit the test in order to make me able to apply for UK universities...

n i will have my test again in NOV this year...

suffocated by TIME

i have to learn A2(the continue of AS) in class and at the same time, to study the AS again for the re-exam...

i know it's my fault for taking easy on things like this (study)...but at least i am learning from it... i realised that everything rely on how much effort that we had done (plus prayer/ibadah for muslims)

so do wish me the best of luck...n pray for my success... if i can study to UK, n be a good doctor, i promise u to give special discount for all of u :D hehehe kidding 

last but always not the least,


wish that all of us (the muslims) can do more n more ibadah in this month :D n may Allah granted our wish n accepted our prayer

anyway, for those who added, please wait... i didnt have time to approve (plus being lazy when it comes to approve stuff) but i appreciate u guys so much for adding me... n for the messages that i didn't reply, i am very sorry... i will but again, not at this moment.....

and for some of the 'greatest mankind of the world' (sarcasm)who had sent me a message of MSN/YAHOO addy, FYI, i didnt share my email with other strangers... so please try again :p (i mean sending other message about other things hehe)

n dont call me baby... i am NOT UR BABEH

ciao *hugs*

07:51 PM Aug 29 2009



happy ramadan 4 u 2 man,i hope u enjoy it brother,

& best wishs with ur studing, & 4 ur english i think u are verry good .

07:48 PM Aug 29 2009


assalamu alaikkum casiol.how are you.how is your fasting.i hope verry well.allah give you peace & happiness life.insha allah.take care.wish you happy ramadan.ma'assalama.eemanillah.  by moosa.this my id moosaachu@yahoo.com 

July 29, 2009

hyperventilation means over breathing...

yesterday i have a fever, after sitting in a freezing-air-conditioned classroom for almost 2 hours... actually i have an allergic towards something that is icy cold...whenever i hold an ice for more than 10 minutes, my fingertips will start to swell for about 2 days...

a week before, i already got a fever,but i had already recovered... so yesterday was the 'new' fever...

terrible headache, chest pain, plus shivering..and i felt such numbness on both my hands...i also have muscle n joint pain

after sleeping for a while, my body started trembling... my voice was a bit slurry, n i can't speak like normal...then i started crying because i dont know what to do...my friends drove me to a hospital after the marghrib prayer...

while waiting for my turn, i started to feel like there's something (like pins n needles) prickling my skin...n my hands were both started to cramp n bent upwards... that was hurt!!

i cannot move my hands, n i look like a handicap person with hands bent that way...my face n my legs was cramp too.. when the nurse checked on my condition, she said that i have a fever n too much oxygen in my body..from her observation, i breath in short but too fast rythm...so she asked me to breath reaaaalllly sloow...my oxygen level at that time was 100,which is over its limit...

i was sent to the emergency department by using a wheelchair...i could not even move my hands n legs at that time..in that area, the medical assistants asked me to breath slowly n take a deep breath..i tried so hard to control my breathing but since it was a failure, i was given a mask that was attached to a plastic bag (which i dont know its name) n breath through it so that i can re-inhale my carbon dioxide...

since i cannot move my hands, one of my friend was holding it for me...after quite sometimes, my right hand can be moved (but i still can't feel anything) so i held that mask on my own... then, i can move my right leg but it took me quite a loong time to recover the left part of my body... during that 're-inhale' process, the medical assistant there was asking me whether i have stress or not...because hyperventilation happens when someone have stress... hell no.. i was fine (although with fever) n i didnt have any problem on that day...he also asked me whether i have an astma before (which i don't)

my friends n the medical assistant were giving me support... like "come on you can do it" "you have to be strong" "breath slower and deeper" "chaiyok2" n so on...i was allowed to breath without that mask only after all of my body parts can be moved, n after my oxygen level drops to 98 or 97.

everything was ok, so i was sent to the doctor (wheelchair again!) and was injected with a pain killer on my right arm...plus a drip on my left hand...then i was allowed to discharge from that hospital...i also got some meds for my fever...

during that night, i still can't feel anything on my hands, but thank God that i'm getting better today :)

02:37 AM Aug 12 2009


  I think you are best friend for me.  Moreover you are enjoyable person.


yours good friend



My mail  : Radjasegarane@yahoo.co.in