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January 22, 2008

maybe you can't see my profile clearly so i think that i should write it in here.......well i'm almost 17 but i've done high school one year earlier in Kuala Terengganu Science School and wanted to further my study in medical course....wanna be a surgeon someday....my english level is intermediate... my hobby is of course, playing pc games or any online games....i love spongebobsquarepants!!!!i love to have new friends from all over the countries..i also love Dolce&Gabbana outfits!!!i like Malay traditional dance,baking cakes and the most important is you!!!  Actually it depends on my mood to dislike something... my fav. colour is black+red...bloody i think...i love ice cream because the weather is hot nowadays... i prefer plain water ...hahaha...i like punkrock(or even punk, rock) music very much although i am Muslim because we can enjoy all kind of musics as long as it does not make us to forget our God...anyway, the government from my country wanted all of the students to speak fluently in english... so there is a law which is learning math&science in english...but dang it!!! when you go to the university, the government want us to learn to speak arabic and mandarin.... hahaha.... so i wanted to learn all of them!!! i speak malay and english almost all the time, i also learn arabic and japanese but still can't make a conversation.....well,to all muslims, we are such a big family and i will always be right by your side.... and i hope that i can meet people who suffered from vitiligo....

 i'm short (booo) 153....Undecidedbut i 'overcome' this by wearing high heels but sometimes i just wearing sneakers...haha Wink it's not a big deal anyway.... Malaysians are shorts...especially in rural areas as i am......Tongue out

 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>CUT IT OUT!!!<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

what am i doin' now???



yummmy!!!! Cool


and one more thing.... next time if you wanna have a quick view on my profile, just right-click and click on "select all"...then you will see the words.....------>no need anymore i think... i've already changed my layout!!!!


03:45 AM Jan 30 2008



sorry for that but i use that colour so that it can be seen in my profile...haha :P 

01:09 AM Jan 22 2008


plz use some dark colour so that i can read it....