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Angels of love

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June 5, 2008


My love我的爱人
I love you so much 我如此爱你
But you don't know 但你却不知
My heart is close to you 我的心和你在一起
You say I'm so far away from you 你说我离你很远,很远

You are full of my heart 我心里满是你的影子
I miss you so much 好想念你
How about you 你呢,想我了吗
If yes 如果是
Why I can't feel your love 为何我却感觉不到

How could I do,my love 我该如何是好,我的爱人
You are the one since the day we told each other 自你我表白的那天起你就是我的唯一
No man can come into my heart except you  除了你没有任何人能够进入我的心房

In my heart 在我心里
I really wanna 我真想
Give you all of myself 给你我的全部
I really wanna 我真想
Be your happy bride    做你幸福的新娘
I really wanna 我真想
Be your baby's mother  做你宝贝的母亲

But 但是
I need some time 我需要一些时间
Believe in me 请相信我
My love 我的爱人
There's no daudt I love you 我爱你勿庸置疑
No matter the others said 不管别人怎么说
Love you 就是爱你
Love, just for you and I 爱,只有你和我
To my love 致我的爱人


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05:45 AM Jun 05 2008


Hi Cathyz;

Very nice and the good work.