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December 13, 2007

*We should love all the things that life has to offer.
*Love is a hammer that will break the hardest heart.
*When one is truly in love,one not only says it but shows it.
*Love lives by giving and forgiving.
*Falling in love can boost your immune system. It keeps you   healthy and extend life.
*Love is a magnet which can attract everyone around you.
*I hate no man, envy no man but Love all mankind.

10:07 AM Jan 18 2008


I liked yours expressions about love

Yo must be very kind

love is everything for me, without love there no life

 thank you

December 7, 2007

Nowadays people are only concerned about their external appearances. Most  judge others by how they look:very few 
are interested in characters.In my opinion character building
is essential. When we are kind,loving and considerate, people will be attracted to us. We could be a magnet.
Meritorious deeds will conter on us happiness. So from today
onwards involve yourselves in sacred activities and your future will be bright and blissful. Good luck.

09:21 PM Oct 20 2009


First impression always comes first for some people....