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October 26, 2008

every time when I look backward to my past...
I indeed feel time flies... especially after you begin your working life...
especially after you start to know what trouble you, what bother you
and nothing could be an end...
and then you'll see...
Jesus.... one year passed and Christmas is coming again

8 yrs ago when I start to work...
I always expect working on the holiday
because I don't worry about with whom I would like to go out
almost every Christmas, every New Year... every Chinese lunar new year
every middle moon festival...dumpling festival...
I always sign to be on duty... ha ha...
and also I save a lot of money....


hope all your family joyful and peaceful

it's not a cliché

since it's also a wish for me


and fewer fights with each other

fewer argument with each other

more encouragement with each other

more wishes for each other

and more prays for each other


the world is falling apart

and I hope my friends who I’m missing could get a lot of blessings



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