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October 9, 2007


Hi guys

very nice to see you all,

I come from Taiwan but now I live in New Jersey in the US. Initially I came to the US just for travelling; but I love here more and more day by day; I hope I can survive here.

 I hope everyone should learn English because it's the easiest way to get information, I hope I can receive all the message from you guys, we can study hard all together.

 Everyone has his dream or destiny; go to face it and challenge it to win the awesome fruits in the world !

Go Go Go


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10:31 PM Oct 25 2007



Hi , thanks for make me friend

i think you can explan depely for learn english

thanking you

08:51 PM Oct 09 2007



You're write everybody has his own dreams and aspirations.  You shape you own destiny.  Migrating to a new country takes a lot guts because you got assimilate real fast with the things around you.

08:06 PM Oct 09 2007

Viet Nam

I think u have already read CONAN !ah ha ! I like ur country a lot .good luck !