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charming princess

Saudi Arabia

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November 26, 2011

Hey there,

   I can't believe it's been a year since i posted my last blog. I think it was the last time i logged in on here, too ! I missed Enlgish, baby and I missed you ! I was so sad today that i wanted to do something different. Couldn't think of anything . I wanted to go to bed but i didn't feel sleepy.  I hadto do the dishes and I didn't feel like it , too! And Englishbaby just came to my mind out of the blue ! Well, I have been really sad and depressed the last few months. I just kept detroying myself! It feels like I am on a roller coaster. I am indulging in self-destructive habits. I am also addicted to stupid stuff. And I believe the probelm is from the inside. I am not in peace with myself. This is why i am doing what i am doing.

Any thoughts on how i can get myself out of this mess?

09:08 PM Oct 28 2012


Russian Federation


01:58 PM Jan 31 2012

rose 99

rose 99
Saudi Arabia

nice back

07:17 AM Dec 19 2011



Hey dear friend,

I know you are feeling sad and depressed.Calm!It's better to listen to your heart when you feel this way.Be optimistic and believe that in the end everything is gonna be okay.With optimism, the problems can be solve.

Courage my friend.I hope I have helped.


November 15, 2010

Among the many human feelings that beweilder me is love. I just can't understand it. What does it mean to love someone ? what does it entail? Where is this love ? in your heart or in your mind? What is  love anyway? I mean, is there a concrete thing ? Like neurpaths in your mind? Sometimes i do not believe that love do exist. Not the love between you and the members of your family. I do understand this kind of love quite thoroughly. I do mean the other kind of love. When a man loves a woman and vice versa , the romantic love. Sometimes I believe it is a delusion; to see and think of something that is not real.


If any of you is in love currently , can you tell me where love is. I mean, do you feel it in your mind or in your heart ? huh , let's try to be scientists. I do believe that we have geniuses here  .

06:17 AM Mar 06 2011


Love classified into two parts ,

Ishq Haqueeqi and

Ishq mezaji

hope u understand it.


06:16 AM Mar 06 2011



perhaps! Love means sacrifices for beloved happiness.


07:08 PM Dec 15 2010



This blog is very interesting to me,because I also don't konw much thing you have writte.I have to tell you I have had a girl friend ,but sometimes I didn't kowe if i really love her.when we have a long time no see each other ,then I think her much.do you read that book ?and tell me what is love? 

08:08 PM Nov 19 2010

xiuzhen lee

i think i dont know what is love,either i know how to love.maybe only one have loved can him or her know what love is.believe it everyone can miss its love oneday.love is just waiting us in some a place.

10:59 AM Nov 16 2010


Saudi Arabia

You are welcome dear.

You can find the book at Jarir Book Store or You can find it Online. :P



03:09 AM Nov 16 2010

charming princess
Saudi Arabia

Thank you Lola .I liked you post very much. You are right. Love is blind. But sometimes you can't help asking why i love this guy or this girl ?I know this writer . He is a well-known scholar and writer.I will try to read this book. Maybe I will find it in the university library. Thank you again.

07:06 PM Nov 15 2010


Saudi Arabia

Hi dear.

Love is some thing you feeling in your heart, deeply in your heart and some time make your mind stop thinking clearly.

Love is great feeling make you feel life is different, make you feel life is great. it's as you see the thing in the first time. :P

 Love makes you blind, at least in the first.

In love you will learn what's mean trust, and what's mean share some one in your life.

In love you learn to give without a reason Just for giving, just cuz you are in love, and If you ask why I love him and you never know the answer then you deeply in LOVE :P 

I will recommending you a great Arabic book, It's from the greatest Arabic book I ever read about love.

(روضة المحبين ونزهة المشتاقين لابن قيم الجوزية) 

I guess you know the writer since you like reading.

Maybe this book will give you some Idea about love, It's talk about all kinda of love starting with love the earth ending of love between a man and a women, you will find some funny real story.

I hope you will read the book.

Take care. 


September 27, 2010

So I have decided to start blogging. My main objective is to practice my writing skills. I have to admit that my writing is awful. I do read a lot . I do listen a lot . But I rarely write anything other than writing  my thoughts in my journal or writing my to-do list.

I am going to write about different things. I am going to tell you about my thoughts and opinions. I am going even to share some of the knowledge I have with you. I love reading books , so definitely I am going to tell you about what I read.

I am not really sure that there are people out there interested in my blogging. Well, I have no problem with that. After all , I am practicing my English. And I know my writing sucks !So, I do not blame you if you do want to read loool Laughing



10:57 AM Sep 28 2010



You're welcome. :))

10:43 AM Sep 28 2010

charming princess
Saudi Arabia

Yes becmoon. Go ahead and start your blog if you have not yet ! It is a great way to practice your English.




Thank Bitten by Arab bug for reading my first blog. Such an honor ! Smile

10:41 AM Sep 27 2010


becmoonSuper Member!

your english is VERY good!  you have given me momentum to practice as well. Laughing

09:33 AM Sep 27 2010

Bitten by an Arab bug
United Arab Emirates

Welcome aboard! Congratulations on your first blog post :)


Here is a lesson in creative writing. First rule: Do not use semicolons. They are transvestite hermaphrodites representing absolutely nothing. All they do is show you’ve been to college. ~Kurt Vonnegut

09:06 AM Sep 27 2010

charming princess
Saudi Arabia

So true . Thank you honey for raising my spirits . This is another push for me to stick to this new project !

08:58 AM Sep 27 2010



Certainly, there will be some who will be interested in your blogs and will have pleasure in reading them. After all, our aim is progressing our English by sharing our ideas and exchanging them. Just keep posting, sis. ;)