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July 4, 2013

I want to say that I am pretty happy.

It seems that I don't have any reasons not to be delighted,right?

I have graduated from high school with a satisfying score.

I have lost weight and become more lovely,please,at least I think so.

I have got deep love from my relatives.

I have earned valuable friendship with my cute and dear friends.

It seemed that I had have got everything I have been chasing.

Well,if I have to say, I really need a hot and sweet boyfriend anyhow.

But guys keep telling me that I will own lots of opportunities at college.

Okay,maybe,I hope so.

Frankly speaking,I do want to go to Beijing or other cities to go on my study.

The reason why I don't want to stay with my friends is that I do think I need a brand-new start.

I do want to throw the awful "me" away.

I do want to become a much better me,who is elegent,patient,pretty and popular.

Although I don't really hate myself at present,I think I need to change and become better.

Everyboby needs changes,right?

No matter what hurdles you come across in life,just believe in youselves.

Hold a firm belief that your dear friends are always there for you and you will subsequently get over it.

And of course,God love you,so God bless you.

Love me, my sweeties.

June 2, 2013

The college entrance examination is on June 7 & 8, it is approaching!

I have been preparing for it for almost 2 years.

You can hardly imagine how tough all things have been.

Everybody told me to struggle,or I will be regretful for the rest of my life.

I know, I do know.

I always know the significance of this exam, so I am extremely nervous.

I am so so afraid that I couldn't do a good job.

I don't want to review the lessons any more,they make me weary.


Anyway, I have to face up to the hurdles, right?

I believe I can manage it!

Go fighting!

Keep going!

06:11 PM Jun 05 2013



thanks a lot!

06:24 PM Jun 02 2013


Saudi Arabia

 2 years for   only prepare for  exam!

06:20 PM Jun 02 2013


just relax urself, i had done the examination a few years ago , it was just a small part of ur long life ,

02:46 PM Jun 02 2013


Saudi Arabia

good  luck.

April 2, 2012

gosh! I am so bored now.

He hasn't called me for almost two weeks.

Maybe it's unbelievale to fall in love with a guy who met in a bar.

I do want to forget him,but everytime when I let him out of my mind,he would chat with me.

It was so ridiculous that he lost contect with me in a sudden.

It seemed like he had a new girlfriend even though he has already had so many close famale friends.

Perhaps it is time to wake up,as there are not fairy tale in reality.

I have to focus all my attention on study.

I promise I will make every effort to do it.

05:41 AM Apr 03 2012



thank you so much.

yes,you are right.

maybe he is not the one yet.

my Mr.Right is waiting for me somewhere,perhaps.

01:00 PM Apr 02 2012



I think that a boy who always is looking 4 females friends, never could see one of them as seriously as he should. a boy who is interested in u, most of the times forgets he has female friends cuz his mind is full of u n he just can´t keep off his eyes of u . whether it is not the case it just means he is not too lucky to have u as his girl... n u should keeping looking 4 ur soulmate ... go0d luck ^_^