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July 4, 2013

I want to say that I am pretty happy.

It seems that I don't have any reasons not to be delighted,right?

I have graduated from high school with a satisfying score.

I have lost weight and become more lovely,please,at least I think so.

I have got deep love from my relatives.

I have earned valuable friendship with my cute and dear friends.

It seemed that I had have got everything I have been chasing.

Well,if I have to say, I really need a hot and sweet boyfriend anyhow.

But guys keep telling me that I will own lots of opportunities at college.

Okay,maybe,I hope so.

Frankly speaking,I do want to go to Beijing or other cities to go on my study.

The reason why I don't want to stay with my friends is that I do think I need a brand-new start.

I do want to throw the awful "me" away.

I do want to become a much better me,who is elegent,patient,pretty and popular.

Although I don't really hate myself at present,I think I need to change and become better.

Everyboby needs changes,right?

No matter what hurdles you come across in life,just believe in youselves.

Hold a firm belief that your dear friends are always there for you and you will subsequently get over it.

And of course,God love you,so God bless you.

Love me, my sweeties.

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