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South Africa

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August 1, 2008

the rain will fall,

knocking on our window,

just like th way,

i used to call on your window,

it'll quench all the rivers and streams,

like the way i nourish you,

with all my loving cream,

it'll sparkle under the glow of sunlight,

like the way your eyes,

gltter under the moonlight,

it'll wash away the rubbish and dirt,

the way i'll banish,

those fears yeilding tears. 

December 27, 2007

your eyes turn to sparkle like little volcanic explosions,as they glitter like the dew under the moonlight.from them just a little wink WOW!!i can hardly blink coz they're full of magic beyond one can even imagine....NB://...I know that most people especially you ladies out there,might find it difficult to believe these few romantic sentiments but it's quite true.i also know that you might have sleepless nights trying to figure out how best to impress a guy you feel for through practising a certain way of blinking at him so as to arouse his attention on you BUT that's not all about it.you should know that a hell lot of other guys are burning their hearts and souls for the way your EYES look without the intervation of the crooning trick.know that your  EYES will just prove to be gorgeous to a guy who really feels for you nomatter how much people dispise you about their structure,size etc.LASTLY,know that your EYES are really precious and to me they really make me sweat whenever we have an eye contact or just get a glimpse of them...   




December 18, 2007

your eyes are full of power,your eyes re full of fire,burning me passionately,every time you look at me attentively,making me week that i can hardly speak,erasing all thoughts making my mind bleek:) it's true my princess what i've just ascribed coz that's exactly what i feel when i'm with you!!!