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South Africa

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November 30, 2007

have you ever noticed that in the rainy season and when you're totally bored,the sky will comfort you through allowing its tears in the form of rain. a young lady who was a librarian at a certain city library and never believed in any thing called love,met up with this other guy who was by now a regular at the library. the guy asked her out for a drink that evening and kate couldn't resist the offer.both kate and david discussed about love poems and kate was very much sure that she had seen her mr-right after being solo for far too long. david now told kate that he wanted to meet her again the following friday night and kate agreed.the following week rushed in great speed for kate for she was over exited to meet her night in shinning armour. friday came and kate waited patiantly for her prince to show up in the library but her expectations where to no avail.finally after waiting for some time,a young lady came holding the same books david had borrowed t the library. "i've come to return the books my husband borrowed from your library the other day..."she said. with the words cracking in to her her eyes,she couldn't help it but allow them to flood her eyes. she walked to the window then suddenly stoped crying.the spluttering of rain against the window had comforted her from crying anymore.this act performed by the sky came to her realization that the rain was meant to precipitate as an act of sympathy upon all the people with broken hearts and shuttered dreams.......