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September 4, 2009


i m running  feel so good

i like Freedom

i like run

i like wind run

yes.i know i have something

i know i must in happy everyday

i know i must try to do everyting

because i can

because i will be winner

i will remember      today is a new day

i m not a Stupid Dreamer

i m a Kite Runner

try to do.i can i will i do

go go go go..

August 28, 2009

Sky blue

Trees green

i have a dream its about im fly at the sky

i dont know why 

i want to have  a pair of wings

sometimes i feel lonely very much

But i have many friends 

i dont know what to do when i play alone

But sometimes i like lonely

I dont know what can i do.

fly .only fly

i want to fly at the sky with everyone.

fly is mean What we can do we want to do


i like my friends.