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October 24, 2012

Hi, I'm Erika. I live in Japan.

I want to improve my English skills and make many friends.

I want to talk about many things. Like anime, book, music, etc.

Feel free to send a message:D  My english is poor, but I try to write while study English.

By the way, I introduce a little myself.

At present, I learn how to do nails and after that I'll be nail artist.

But I have to take the examination for nail artist.

If I pass the examination, I have to more training and improve my skills.

I enjoy to do nails. Someday, I want to go abroad and do nails many people:)

Today, I stopped writing about this.

I'll write my Blog everyday. It's good for that improve my English.

It's first time to write a blog by English.

So it's not correct form...

Please tell me that you have noticed.

Thank you to read my blog:)

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11:03 AM Dec 19 2012


Syrian Arab Republic

hello I find this type of art new and very interesting. you can finde me on mr.yay1122@gmail.com

07:11 PM Oct 24 2012


Russian Federation

no, it's just the idea for my  new nails..will you do it for me? ;)

05:36 AM Oct 24 2012


Hi, Anita. Nice to meet you too.

Wow, that's cute :) Is it your nails?

I agree that good to be nail artist. It's fun to work.

05:33 AM Oct 24 2012


Hello Wyz agf. Thank you for comment. I'm glad to hear that.

I'll contact soon at Google Plus.

03:56 AM Oct 24 2012


Russian Federation

hi Erica! Nice to meet  you!

 It's a nice idea to become a nail artist...you are welcome..