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September 9, 2009

On August 8 is Taiwan's Father's Day.But this year became a terrible day.How such a horrible typhoon with rush rain that crushed many people's house and took their family away just one moment in south Taiwan.It's really really a sad experience.But God bless!Because of this time,we can deep feel that the world still have warmth.Not noly Taiwan people but many foriegn countries and friends crowded a lot of love and help into Taiwan.

We know that the died friends are not coming back and the return is a long and not easy way.But the most difficult days are over.Let us face the future together and never hesitate to give them a hand. 

June 28, 2009

In Taiwan

Most of all students begin enjoying summer vacation,especially college students.They have about three months long vacation.Wow~it's really long time,right?And this is also the last summer vacation for me in college life,so I have to take a good plan. I don't have enough money to go to abroad.But I still have poor life style.

 I prepare to give a significant present for myself.So I prepare to study many books and improve my English and Japanese.I hope I can find a nice job when I graduate next year.


 Good luck to me!

June 10, 2009


if somebody told you

"Today for you Tomorrow for me"

I think you get a really nice friend


I watched a musical movie named "Rents"

in there

I also like "seasons of love"

I hope everyone can find true love in our life

no matter your lover or soul mate 

if we can love somebody or get someone's love

the world will be more better

at least I think so

07:57 PM Sep 09 2009


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